Thrustmaster T-Series Aluminum Wheel Adapter

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New Gen 2 T-Series Adapter now fits 6x74 PCD Wheels!

Direct Fit For: T300, T500, TX, TS-PC, T-GT

Thrustmaster Wheel Adapter for T300, T500, TX, TS-PC, T-GT Steering Wheel Bases. Adapt any aftermarket  70mm, 74mm or 3-Bolt Nascar Style Steering Rim to your T-Series Base. CNC Machined from billet 6061 Aluminum, Anodized & Laser Etched. Made in the USA. Free standard shipping to the continental United States


Will adapt all 70mm Bolt Circle Wheels; MOMO, SPARCO, OMP, etc.
Will adapt all 74mm Bolt Circle Wheels: Nardi, Volanti Luisi, Raid, etc.
Will adapt all 3-Bolt USA Stock Car Wheels; Longacre, MPI, Joes, Driven, etc.
(Note: Will not fit grant 3 bolt wheels).

Calculating Bolt Length: THESE BOLTS ARE **NOT INCLUDED**.

The 70mm and 74mm 6 bolt pattern of the adapter is must use M5 x 0.8mm bolts. To get the proper length bolts, 
add 11mm to the thickness of the wheel rim center you plan to use.
Example: 5mm thick wheel rim would need 16mm long bolts (5+11=16). 

The 3 bolt 1.75" “Stock Car” bolt pattern of the adapter must use 5/16-18 bolts. Proper bolt length would be 
1/2” + the thickness of the wheel rim center. 
Example: 1/8” thick wheel rim center would need 5/8” long bolts (1/8+1/2=5/8)

Customer Reviews

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Fit the nrg wheel perfectly, incredibly satisfied and loving it. Only if thrustmaster took note of metal connectors

good quality

good quality , good fitment

Kenan Karavdic

This was THE thing I was looking for.
I'm happy that I can now use a real wheel for the right feeling. Great product, looks great and feels great!

Cris Hernandez

Best adapter on the market

Andrew Harkins
Thrustmaster T Series Adapter

great product works fine I order another on for Thank you.