Thrustmaster T-Series Aluminum Wheel Adapter

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New Gen 2 T-Series Adapter now fits 6x74 PCD Wheels!

Direct Fit For: T300, T500, TX, TS-PC, T-GT

Thrustmaster Wheel Adapter for T300, T500, TX, TS-PC, T-GT Steering Wheel Bases. Adapt any aftermarket  70mm, 74mm or 3-Bolt Nascar Style Steering Rim to your T-Series Base. CNC Machined from billet 6061 Aluminum, Anodized & Laser Etched. Made in the USA. Free standard shipping to the continental United States


Will adapt all 70mm Bolt Circle Wheels; MOMO, SPARCO, OMP, etc.
Will adapt all 74mm Bolt Circle Wheels: Nardi, Volanti Luisi, Raid, etc.
Will adapt all 3-Bolt USA Stock Car Wheels; Longacre, MPI, Joes, Driven, etc.
(Note: Will not fit grant 3 bolt wheels).

Calculating Bolt Length: THESE BOLTS ARE **NOT INCLUDED**.

The 70mm and 74mm 6 bolt pattern of the adapter is must use M5 x 0.8mm bolts. To get the proper length bolts, 
add 11mm to the thickness of the wheel rim center you plan to use.
Example: 5mm thick wheel rim would need 16mm long bolts (5+11=16). 

The 3 bolt 1.75" “Stock Car” bolt pattern of the adapter must use 5/16-18 bolts. Proper bolt length would be 
1/2” + the thickness of the wheel rim center. 
Example: 1/8” thick wheel rim center would need 5/8” long bolts (1/8+1/2=5/8)

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Harkins
Thrustmaster T Series Adapter

great product works fine I order another on for Thank you.

Elmahi Ahmed

Thrustmaster T-Series Aluminum Wheel Adapter

Rob moss
solid adapter

Can’t believe how solid an sturdy it is nailed it on this product!!! Shipping wasn’t terrible either, I was really looking for the 3 bolt adapter an came across this absolute unit!!!! Thanks again guys !!!

Brandon Schmeidler
Fast delivery and a high quality machined product.

For this price, it's an absolute steal. Smooth threads and no fuss with fitting. Very high quality product.

Trenton Martinez
Quality product

It will fit with anything. I could chuck it at the ground and it will last.