Simucube SC2 Wheel Side Quick Release

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Simucube SC2 Quick Release compatible wheel side adapter.

Allows direct fit for most common racing wheels without the need for nuts on the back side of the wheel.  Fits any direct drive wheel base using a SC2 quick release.  Includes threaded mounting provisions for the following bolt patterns:

6 x 70 PCD (MOMO, Sparco, OMP, etc.).
6 x 76 PCD (Nardi, Volanti Luisi, Raid, etc.).
3 Bolt Stock car (Longacre, MPI, Joes, etc.). 

Display your other wheels when not in use with our Simucube Wheel Mounts

CNC Machined from billet Aluminum, Anodized & Laser Etched. Made in the USA. Free standard shipping to the continental United States

Calculating Bolt Length: THESE BOLTS ARE **NOT INCLUDED**.

The 70mm and 74mm 6 bolt pattern of the adapter uses M5 x 0.8mm bolts. To get the proper length bolts, 
add 11mm to the thickness of the wheel rim center you plan to use.
Example: 5mm thick wheel rim would need 16mm long bolts (5+11=16). 

The 3 bolt 1.75" “Stock Car” bolt pattern of the adapter must use 5/16-18 bolts. Proper bolt length would be 
1/2” + the thickness of the wheel rim center. 
Example: 1/8” thick wheel rim center would need 5/8” long bolts (1/8+1/2=5/8)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kevin Hite

Very well made. It didn’t fit my GSI Elite but I will use it elsewhere.

Steve H
Works as expected, great price

Shipped quickly and works as expected for a great price

Russell Walton
Well Built, clean, perfect fit for my needs

I chose this adaptor to use as a mount for a Xeroplay QR (HRS/SimLab), that does not mount directly to the Simucube base (3x 50.8mm bolt pattern). This adapter replaces the SC@ brand wheelside adaptor and works perfectly, providing an additional bolt pattern that I don't think you get with the Simucube-made QR, plus it's a good bit cheaper. Would recommend!
The only other option that I could find for my need would have cost $100+ shipped from Australia, so this is a no-brainer. There is absolutely no play even with my current jerry-rigged solution here, stacking up 2 QR's, essentially.

The Perfect Solution

Just picked up a Simucube 2 Pro Wheel Side Quick Release for a genuine NASCAR MPI Wheel I am using on my sim rig. The fit and finish of the quick release is of a very high quality and works perfectly with the MPI Wheel. The bolt sizing directions were perfect and I had no issues connecting everything together.

My only issue was that the bubble wrap that should have been securely around the quick release for delivery was instead hastily thrown into the package. As a result, there was minor scratching on the outer edge of quick release from rough shipping. However it was mainly cosmetic and will in no way impact the overall functionality.

If you are looking for a solid connection solution for any 3 bolt (1.75") steering wheels to your sim rig, look no further! This is as good as it gets.